Every morning, the boys and I say one thing we are grateful for over breakfast. So when Thanksgiving rolls around, the things we’re grateful for roll out pretty easily. The amount of things we have to be grateful for is admittidly ridiculous, and our list this year included things we wouldn’t have even thought to count this same time last year:

-the Ocean
-our cozy Surfside house
-yearlong flip flops and sun dresses
-Liam’s Mad Reading Skills
-Quinlan’s love of language
-Bill’s new office and short commute
-Florida orange juice and fresh seafood
-Ocean Reef Academy
-the Community Center
-Grand Beach Hotel
-St Augustine and the pirates

But what made me particularly grateful was the list of people we are grateful for that we didn’t even know a few months ago: Miss Maricela, Miss Kristen, and Miss Anna, our kind new landlord Dean, who probably has renter PTSD from all the things we’ve needed fixed, Bill’s new co-workers, my new Sister Goddess friends, and all the new friends from Church by the Sea and beyond. In fact, one of our new nearest and dearest, Miss Rosaly, and her beautiful mother joined us for our Thanksgiving dinner. Rosaly captured Liam and Quinn’s hearts from day one, and became a fast friend to me. No one watching the six of us at Thanksgiving dinner would believe that these two beautiful Brasilian women aren’t actually lifelong friends of ours, or even related to us. And we were grateful for the lesson that family is found everywhere, and that while people may physically come and go from us, our heart has no limit to how many people it can hold. Excited to see who we have to be grateful for next year.

Liam the reader