For Liam’s fifth birthday, we were gifted a membership to the Miami Children’s Museum from Granpa Stu and Grammy Paige, and immediately put it to good use yesterday. Pulling into the parking lot, we saw the huge cruise ships in the bay and the boys were beside themselves with excitement for the day’s adventure. And for good reason- the Miami Children’s Museum is so much fun!
Children's Museum
We started with a Greenhouse energy efficiency exhibit (which was strangely the coolest thing either boy had ever seen so they kept coming back here). Then- my favorite- the boys decorated starfish and sharks, then uploaded them to the digital aquarium that played on the wall. We all delighted in seeing our little creatures swimming around with our names on them.

Quinn at Children's museum

Hours passed learning about money, dressing up as firefighters, and fishing for magnetic fish before it was finally time to go. Meltdowns were evident and Quinlan fell and split his lip while doing the Limbo on the Carnival Cruise ship exhibit, hopefully not too portentous of our future fate on cruise ships.

One tip for future reference- the only onsight food is an overcrowded and underwhelming Subway, and after waiting in line forever you’d be lucky to get a place to sit down in the teeny tiny dining area (clearly designed by the same sadistic person who brought us the one woman bathroom stall at a Katy Perry concert). Bring snacks or even a picnic lunch to feed your littles (and bug spray).