Not sure entirely why I’m surprised, but our trip planning to travel to Cuba with small children has been much more dificult than anticipated. Many plans have crescendoed and gone flat, and several months later I don’t feel like we’ve made much progress. We’ll likely still go- I’m stubborn like that- but in the meantime the boys and I are exploring other options.

So many places to go, so little time. #ToddlerProblems.

Having traveled so far and so wide on my own, I easily imagined the logistical problems traveling with littles might present: carseats in countries that are a bit more liberal, shall we say, with safety regs; Immunizations.; Food restrictions; and oh my god, the laundry.

What’s actually surprising me, however, are the people challenges. Volunteer opportunities that disapear as soon as they hear we have kids. Travel guides that won’t even talk to us as we’re not adults traveling alone. Or worse, travel guides who charge insane upcharges for kids (seriously, a week in Havana for more than they’re college education. NOPE).

After three or four months of Cuba planning, and not that far off from when we’re actuallly supposed to board a plane to go, I’m contemplating course correction. I daydream about what it might be like to go somewhere where you can just go online and book a ticket through a guaranteed source.

Peru would be amazing. I’ve always dreamt of Machu Pichu, and there legions of blogs out there about doing Peru with kids. It would be cheaper to fly all the way down there from Miami than to do a 200 mile pop to Cuba. And hello, Belize anyone? Gimme a little bit of Tikal and world class diving any day. Turkey is getting consideration too, as it’s definitely a bucket lister.
And yet, I’m stubborn. I have designs on Cuba that can’t be explained, in spite of it all. All of it. So as of now, we’re persevering.  For all I know we may never ever get there, or get completely fleeced trying.

But something tells me we’re meant to go and for now we’re staying the course. If only we could do them all!

Peru with kids