Taking kids to Cuba

Photo credit: The Travel Channel

I am so excited! We have our first Wonderful World Project international adventure in the works; our first country will be CUBA!

In future, I will give Liam and Quinn a say in where we’re going together on our annual WWP pilgrimage, but this time around I am making an executive decision. This is because a) that’s easiest b) they need to warm up to the whole thing experientially c)I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Cuba and d) HELLO, we live in Miami? It’s practically Cuba already (and can’t we see Cuba from here 😉

I’ve started the ball in motion, reaching out to anyone and everyone who has stepped foot there, talking to travel agents, doing research, getting ready. I haven’t even shared with the boys yet, but once the plan fleshes out a bit more, we’ll get started on our Wonderful World Project itinerary.

I don’t think it get’s much better than this. I am SO grateful!